Hi! We would like to ask about data usage policy, rules and requirements for BraTS 2024. More specifically, if we are allowed to use datasets from one challenge for training a model to be used for a different challenge, and/or if external data may be used for any of the challenges. What about synthetic data? Last year there were some details included in the Data Conditions for Use section (see https://www.synapse.org/Synapse:syn51156910/wiki/622360), but we do not see that anymore for this year's edition. Please, we would like to request further information and details about this for all the challenges. Best regards

Created by Daniel Capellan-Martin dani-capellan
Hi, @jeffrudie, is there any update on the data usage policy, can we use clip or gpt in brats? Thanks you
@jeffrudie Thanks a lot. That will be of great help to me!
Thanks for your questions. We will get back to you to clarify the policies to address your questions. We will also have each site update each challenge page to further clarify if different from the rules in general Jeff
@jeffrudie This is my first time to join this challenge and sorry that I may not quite clear about the data usage policy. So I still have few questions. 1. Does it mean that we cannot use any external dataset (like IXI dataset) for training in any of these challenges? Since I only see this Attention note on the BraTS-Generalizability webpage, but not see it on other challenge pages. So the Restrictions on the use of external data is only applied to the BraTS-Generalizability only or to the all 10 challenges? 2. If the restrictions do exist among all the challenges, can we use the data from past years' BraTS challenge? 3. Can we use the pre-trained model from other domain (like CLIP, Bert, vgg, ResNet152)? Thanks for your effort! Regards
You can still use 2023 BraTS GLI data to pre-train for BRATS-SSA. I wouldn't use 2024 BRATS GLI to pretrain for BRATS-SSA since BRATS-SSA will remain pre-treatment glioma and BRATS 2024 is post-treatment only. That is the only exception @marufmore please confirm from BRATS-SSA side @vchung can update/clarify rules as needed
So unlike last year, we cannot pre-train a model on BRATS-GLI and transfer learn to BRATS-SSA?
There is a similar Data conditions use section for 2024 - here https://www.synapse.org/Synapse:syn53708249/wiki/627508 There isn't a problem with synthetic data if you use the data from the subchallenge itself to create your synthetic data Jeff

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