This is kind request that is there any possible way to segregate the phonations of healthy and non healthy individuals and also at which level of voice degradation level they are in ... As we are trying to build our model on top of this we are currently in very much need of it We will ensure that non of this will be used for any commercial purposes or for individual benefit.

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Dear Siddharth, the King Clinical Stage is a clinical classification dependent on the spread of the disease, therefore valid only for patients and not for healthy controls. Please see the original article by Roche et al., 2012 ( I would suggest using the ALSFRS-R Speech subscore of 1 to 4, and considering Heatlhy control as an additional category (e.g., 5). Best regards, VOC-ALS Team
I would like to inquire about the "KingClinicalStage" column in the dataset. As our objective is to classify individuals into different categories, ranging from healthy to four stages of ALS patients, I am keen to understand the significance of the "KingClinicalStage" column. Could you please clarify what this column denotes and how it might be relevant to our classification task? Additionally, if the "KingClinicalStage" column cannot be used as the metric for categorizing the data into these four classes plus the healthy category, could you provide guidance on how we should proceed with the dataset? It seems that using the "KingClinicalStage" column would be the most logical approach for this classification.
Thanks for the update and clarification!
Dear Siddharth, Thank you for your interest in our data set. All information about the voice samples can be found in the file "VOC-ALS.xlsx" in the folder "Files". This file is available for download. In particular, the distinction between healthy and pathological samples can be seen in the "Category" column for each voice sample, which is marked with an appropriate ID. "HC" denotes Healthy Controls, while subjects suffering from ALS are marked as "ALS". In addition, the following categories are provided for ALSFRS scores: - ALSFRS-R speech subscore: this ranges from 0 to 4, where 0 indicates loss of useful speech, 1 indicates speech combined with non-vocal communication, 2 indicates intelligible speech with repetition, 3 indicates detectable speech impairment and 4 represents normal speech process. - ALSFRS-R Salivation Subscore: this ranges from 0 to 4, with 0 indicating severe drooling (requiring constant use of a handkerchief or tissue) and 4 indicating normal function. - ALSFRS-R swallowing subscore: this ranges from 0 to 4, where 0 indicates no mouthing (parenteral or enteral feeding only) and 4 indicates normal function. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Best regards, VOC-ALS Team

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