Hello, I had a quick question about submitting for Task 1. Under the instructions for submission, it says that our team needs to create a Synapse Project and upload our predictions there, from which we click "submit file to challenge" under the "file tools" tab. However, when I go to do this, I do not see this challenge listed as a challenge I can submit our predictions to. I was wondering if there were any extra settings I have to change for the project in order to submit, or if I am missing a step. Additionally, when I read the instructions for submitting task 1, it asks me to register even though I am listed under the registered participants. Any help or clarification would be appreciated. Thank you! Best, Anthony

Created by Anthony Kolshorn tonyk
I changed the sharing setting. Thank you!
Hi @chau.ng, Can you grant me permission to the image file? Thank you.
Here it is. Thank you! ${imageLink?synapseId=syn61500131&align=None&scale=100&responsive=true&altText=}
Hi @chau.ng, That is interesting. To help us better understand the issue, would you mind sharing a screenshot of the leaderboard with all the submissions you can see on your end? Thank you!
Hi @rchai, No worries. We still haven't seen the updated "Results Leaderboard" for some reason. All submissions on that page are dated 02/21/2024.
Hi @chau.ng, I just updated the link above. Sorry for the confusion.
Hi @rchai, This is the "[Results Leaderboard](https://www.synapse.org/Synapse:syn52052735/wiki/626197)" page I can access via Wiki. I got this message: "Sorry, no access to this page. You are not authorized to access the page requested." when trying to access your link. I was able to re-submit as a team. Thank you very much! Chau
Hi @chau.ng, Are you on the ["Results Leaderboard"](https://www.synapse.org/Synapse:syn52052735/wiki/626197) page or the "Submission" page (where it only shows your own submissions). The submission "9745622" has been removed. You should be able to re-submit as a team, but please feel free to let me know if that does not work.
Hi @rchai. Yes, please remove that submission. For some reason, the leaderboard on my end only shows submissions with a Time column dated 02/21/2024, and I cannot see my previous submission there. Thank you!
Hi @chau.ng, I can see your scored results on the leaderboard [here](https://www.synapse.org/Synapse:syn52052735/wiki/626197). Yes, you're right. Once you have submitted as an individual, you may not submit as a team and vice versa. Should I go ahead to remove your submission "9745622"?
Thank you @rchai, Our team has registered (I think only the manager can do that), and I saw that option. However, in hindsight, I made a successful submission (for one {system}) last week as an individual. The submission was **scored** and the results haven't appeared on the leaderboard, only in my "Submission Dashboard". As a result, I now have a conflicting submission and am unable to submit as part of the team. Is there a way to remove my individual submissions so that I can proceed with team submissions? Additionally, some of the prediction files in our current submission are missing. Will our team be able to make future submissions for the same task without encountering conflicts? I apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your guidance as I'm still familiarizing myself with this system. Thank you for your assistance. Best regards, Chau
Hi @chau.ng, > I didn't find my team when I chose the option. "No registered teams were found" Once your team has registered for the challenge by following the ["Register"](https://www.synapse.org/Synapse:syn52052735/wiki/626186) step, it will appear in the "I am submitting as part of a team" options. > Additionally, could you inform us when we can expect to see our results on the leaderboard? If the submission is scored, the results will appear on the leaderboard within a few minutes after refreshing the page. You can also view all your own submissions (including failed ones) in the "Submission" tab for each task.
Hi @rchai , We are trying to submit this as a team instead of an individual. But I didn't find my team when I chose the option. "No registered teams were found" Could you please guide how to resolve this? Additionally, could you inform us when we can expect to see our results on the leaderboard? Thank you for your assistance. Best regards, Chau
Hi @tonyk, Sorry for the confusion. You should be able to see the submission queue now. If you registered for the Challenge for the first CTF workshop in February, you don't need to re-register. Hope it helps. Thank you!

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