RARE-X A Rare Disease Open Science Data Challenge


Created By Maria Diaz mdsage1

Status: Closed
? Global Genes? RARE-X Names Winners to the Xcelerate RARE Open Science Data Challenge
Task 3 Clarification
?Important Reminder for All Participants: Task 2 Final Round Submission?
Task 2: Final Round Accepting Submissions!
Clarification on Deadline
Error for some participants for Task #3
??Example solution and writeup for RARE-X Task 1 Now Available??
? Action Needed: Next Steps to Participate
Can't figure out how to submit project for Task1
Quick question about the submission
log file for invalid submission
Task 1 withheld data
Fail to Resubmit Tasks 1 and 3
Office Hours Recording
Logs for a failed submission
NEW Office Hour for Task 3: August 4, Friday, 9am PDT!
Submission error in Task 2
Submission error in task 2
Submission error in Task 2
Can't submit as team after submitted as indivisual
Failed task 2 docker submission
Looking for Team Members for Task 3
Leaderboard access
More details about the Task 1 and Task 2
Docker build platform / Empty dataset
?Office Hour for Task 3?
??First RARE-X, Tasks 1 & 2, Office Hour to be Held on July 21st!??
Submission limits of task 2
Inquiry regarding the timeline
Task 1 questionnaire/data source details
??Tasks 1 & 2 RARE-X Data Available Today! ??
Missing questionnaires on task2
Details about task 2
??New Final Round End Date Released!??
Final Round Deadline
Questions regarding the dataset of Task 1
Data folders appear to be empty
Data access to Tasks 1 and 2 are not showing!
Data availability Task 3
will the docker containers be able to access Intrenet?
?? Xcelerate RARE: Open Science Data Challenge Registration is Open! ??
Issues with registration
Participating in only some Tasks
Docker link
Issue with pre-register

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