Dear Thomas, I am trying to download the QTL datasets provided at this repository. However, the data access is not publicly open, as 'public' has viewing but not downloading permissions. Please could you verify the sharing settings are correct? Thank you. Best regards, Virginia

Created by vdiez
Dear Yue, Thank you for letting me know that the files have been updated. No problem. I will download and use the newest ones. Best, Virginia
Dear Virgina, Please see the thread "Important! Update/Correct Dataset (on 09/20/2023)". I am not sure if the two updated data sets may affect your analysis (female_male_combined_pQTL.txt and sexByGeno_pQTL.txt). I am sorry for any conveniences. Thank you very much for using the data. Best, Yue
Dear Thomas, thank you for the quick response and for fixing the issue. Now the download works good. Thanks again! Virginia
@vdiez it should be fixed. Can you try again? Thanks.
Dear Virgina, Thank you for reaching out. We apologize for the difficulty downloading the QTL data. I mistakenly thought I could flip a switch to make it publicly downloadable, but I was wrong. There's an open ticket with Synapse to get this resolved that I submitted on 9/5/23. I'll let you know once I learn more. Best wishes, Thomas

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