Hi, When using matplotlib or other plotting functions in the python code transformation to generate visualizations, I got the error message "failed to add chart to report" after clicking the "send to report" button in the "visualization" tab. Do you have suggestions to troubleshoot this? Or can we use words to describe where the visualization come from? But if I click the "copy to notepad" button in the visualization tab, and create a new "document" type file, I can successfully paste the chart there (the source workbook will also be displayed there). Can we work around the error by creating another document type file and put our charts there? May be we can refer the reader to the document saying like "figure X in the supplementary document file". Thanks!

Created by Changyu Yin yinchangyu
@yinchangyu, great! In case it does pop up again, yes, you can use words to describe where to find the visualization. So long as we can find it, that's no problem. Thanks, Tim
The problem disappeared itself somehow... Please disregard this question. Thanks!

Fail to "send to report" visualizations in transformation page is loading…