Hi @trberg, I wanted to ask whether it would be alright if we included separate code workbooks for our data pre-processing and our machine learning analysis. Although the instructions seem to encourage the use of a single code workbook for both processes, we believe that our methods will be more clear and better organized if we use two separate workbooks. With that being said, we would prioritize avoiding deductions (and potential disqualification) if a single workbook is preferred. Thanks so much for all of your help. Best, Zach

Created by Zachary Butzin-Dozier zbutzin
Hi @trberg , Thanks so much for your quick response. That sounds great, and we will be sure to make the filenames and code descriptions clear for sequential running. Best, Zach
Hi @zbutzin , Yes, that's not a problem to split the analyses. Just make sure you're clear in your code descriptions in the write up. Also, if the file names are clear (i.e. "Step 1 - Data preprocessing", "Step 2 - Model Building") then that makes our lives easier. Thanks! Tim

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