Hi. As the challenge is approaching to an end, we think there's a possibility for us to extend our challenge work into a research study later. I think we were told our team repository will be blocked for around three months during the challenge judgment period. So we can?t reach out workbook before maybe March 2023? I?m not sure whether I understand this correctly. Also, do we need to make some additional requests or paperwork with N3C to access the data and our L3C workbook for future research which will be also related to LongCOVID? Maybe we need to access to the whole scale N3C data, as I think the challenge data is only part of it. We really appreciate it if you have any suggestions or advice on this. Hope my question is clear and thanks in advance for your help!

Created by Changyu Yin yinchangyu
Hi @yinchangyu , Yes, we will be locking down the team folders until after the challenge winners are announced, which will be some time in March 2023. If you'd like to continue your work, I'd recommend starting a new N3C project which would give you access to the full N3C dataset. You can request this by submitting a Data Use Request [with this form](https://unite.nih.gov/workspace/slate/documents/data-use-request). You could also get IRB approval from your project in order to get access to the Limited Dataset instead of the De-identified dataset. Thanks! Tim

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