Dear @trberg and L3C Support, We wanted to reach out with a question regarding an error we've encountered as we increase the number of iterations for our gradient-boosting learner. We have found that the maximum number of iterations that we can set (?maxIter?) is 275, even after reducing the number of included covariates. Once this value exceeds 300, we receive the error ?java.lang.stackoverflowerror?. We have tried both the default environment and the ?profile-high-memory?, but we have not been able to resolve this issue. We would greatly appreciate any suggestions regarding potential solutions or troubleshooting for this problem. Thanks so much for all of your help. Best, Zach and @haodongli

Created by Zachary Butzin-Dozier zbutzin
Hi @trberg , Thanks for this suggestion! I just filed this as an issue in the enclave. Best, Zach
Hi @zbutzin , Can you file this as an issue in the enclave? Palantir support should be able to help troubleshoot this problem. Thanks! Tim

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