Dear @trberg and L3C support, I wanted to reach out with a question regarding the matching used in this sample. In these datasets, given that the PASC patients and non-PASC controls were matched based on the distribution of visits prior to the COVID index date, should we account for this matching, even though we don?t have the matching ID? In other words, is accounting for matching part of the process that you would like to see in our analysis? Thank you for your time. Best, Zach

Created by Zachary Butzin-Dozier zbutzin
Hi Tim, Thanks so much for your response. We really appreciate your help. Best, Zach
Hi @zbutzin, No, I don't think you'll need to account for that in your analysis. This was our way of trying to make sure the sampled patients had similar data availability between the long covid patients and the non-long covid patients. Thanks, Tim

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