Hi. When I filter down to patients with PASC after four weeks in the silver standard file, I am getting more people than when I filter by the ICD-10 code in the uncensored observation and condition occurrence data. Is there any reason for this difference? Thank you!

Created by Sarah Pungitore uastudent
Hi Tim, I checked over my queries again and realized I needed a wild card to capture all of the patients with U09.9 from condition source value so now the number of patients with PASC matches those in the Silver Standard file. Thank you!
Hi @uastudent , Yes there is a slight difference. There are few condition_concept_id codes that some sites were using to code for Long COVID where the condition_source_value was not the U09.9 ICD10 code. I believe there are a little over 100 patients that are captured with these codes. Does that match with the differences you're seeing? Thanks, Tim

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