Dear organizers for the L3C, I would like to ask if a **code repository** in Palantir is acceptable for the final submission. The code workbook UI is not very convenient to build a relatively large project. In order to get rid of the UI, I prefer to use a code repository. Based on my test, the code repository could work exactly as the code workbook and can meet all the requirements for the submission. If yes, could you also provide a template for **code repository** submissions? I suggest that we need to define an entry (main program) to help easily run our code. There is only one issue the code checker in the code repository does not work correctly. Although it said that there are some errors, the code can still run successfully and output the desired table Best Fanyou Wu

Created by Fanyou Wu Fanyou_Wu
Thanks, Tim. I have fixed those error hints. Those hints typically happen when I do not commit my code. For those people who also use the code repository, I suggested committing code first and then building code or previewing certain functions. Also after committing the code, some complicated `transform_df` could be detected in the preview as well. Best Fanyou
Hi @Fanyou_Wu , Yes, you can submit a code repository. Instead of an entry program, you can use the [Data Lineage app]( in the enclave to set up a workflow that will run the code from your repository. You can save these graphs as Data Lineage files and you would submit that file in your "Submission" folder along with the repository file. You'll have to have a series of functions that output datasets. In the Data Lineage app, you'll import each of these datasets, then use the interface to find the parent datasets going back until you hit the challenge input data. You'll then have a full workflow starting at the input challenge data going to your patient level prediction output. What are the error messages you're getting? Thanks! Tim

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