A "write up describing their models (in the form of an enclave report or pdf)? is stated as a submission requirement, but there are no details describing requirements for the report's contents, length, and other relevant information. Could these requirements please be provided either on the main page or on the discussion board?

Created by Jonathan Tewodros JonathanT
Hi @JonathanT , Here is a [google doc version](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oXO5UQDE4yRk4gAkRv0GhQoSQ3dNAXXErnRLItPEfWE/edit?usp=sharing) that you can use as a reference. You will have to submit this by including it in your submission folder though, so make sure someone on your team is able to access the enclave report version of the template (the link above). Thanks! Tim
Thank you for providing this link. However, accessing it seems to require an NIH, login.gov, or InCommon account. Can you provide additional guidance. Thank you.
Hi @JonathanT , You can find the [template with word count requirements here](https://unite.nih.gov/workspace/report/ri.report.main.report.9a90f31c-2e24-4903-9769-b033b5037b99) in the Resources folder. Thanks! Tim

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