Hello @timbergquist , I am trying to import datasets in the L3C project but it seems I do not have access to any De-Identified datasets. I got the following message when I tried to import data from De-Identified Data Catalog: "Because this resource ?person? comes from a different project, it must be imported into the current project ?[RP-D5AE34] NIH Long COVID Computational Challenge (L3C)?.Ask an owner of the resource or project to give you permission to import the resource." Just want to check if all the input datasets for the challenge will be saved in "Resources" folder of the L3C project ( RP-D5AE34 )or we need to import from De-Identified data catalog of N3C. Thanks! Vithal

Created by Vithal Madhira vmadhira
I read the Challenge Instructions ( https://unite.nih.gov/workspace/report/ri.report.main.report.020a6dc0-03b6-4d5d-a686-01079b551b3b ) and requested the access to data. Thanks!

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