Hi I wanted to participate in this challenge but unfortunately couldn't manage time. I still want to do some own research on this data as I had personal experience with this illness. Also being a budding datascientist it will help me hone my skills and would like to match my findings against the results already decleared. Is there any possiblity of getting access to this data still or from any other open source database on any other website?

Created by Mayank Hasija hasij001
Hi @hasij001, Yes, you can access the data used in this challenge through the N3C enclave. [Here are the steps to request access to the N3C enclave](https://ncats.nih.gov/n3c/about/applying-for-access). Once you get access, you'll need to submit a data use request (DUR) which is just a short summary statement of your project. Thanks! @trberg

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