Dear committee, Our team Metformin-121 has submitted Writeup (id: 9732064), but we received a mail describing the submission is invalid. The reason showed "Project is private" However, I think we have set our project as public (as the following screenshout) Thank you very much Best regards, Robin

Created by Chih-Han Huang Chih-Han
@Leo_Lu can you please give me(@vjbytes102) 'can download' permission in your project setting (Project Tools-> Project Sharing Settings). And then resubmit, it should be successful.
Yours also looks fine, @Leo_Lu. @vjbytes102 can you look into what might be going on with the submission queue?
@sieberts I'm having the same problem, could you help me check if I've submitted successfully, thanks!
Thank you!
@Chih-Han - I'm not sure why you got that message if your project was public prior to submission, but I can see your submission and your project, so I'll set your submission to 'Valid'. Sorry for the confusion.

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