@TBChallengeParticipants - Just a reminder that the final challenge deadlines are rapidly approaching. **Be sure to make your submissions early, and give yourself plenty of time to correct any errors.** ####**Final Submissions** are due Monday (2/13) at 22:59 GMT/5:59 EST/2:59 PST. Below are the evaluation queues for each subchallenge: Subchallenge | Round | Queue Name | Description -|-|- Subchallenge 1 | Final^^ | CODA TB SC1 Final Evaluation | `CODA TB SC1 Final Evaluation` (9615047) Subchallenge 2 | Final^^ | CODA TB SC2 Final Evaluation | `CODA TB SC2 Final Evaluation` (9615107) ####**Methods Write-ups and Code** are due Wednesday (2/15) at 22:59 GMT/5:59 EST/2:59 PST. The instructions for write-up submission can be found [here](#!Synapse:syn31472953/wiki/620675). Your code can be stored within your submission project or in a GitHub or other repo. Be sure to reference the location in your write-up and that your project and code are **publicly accessible**.

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@TBChallengeParticipants - Thanks to all who submitted final models! Remember that Write-ups (with Code) are due today. Follow the [instructions for submission here](https://www.synapse.org/#!Synapse:syn31472953/wiki/620675).

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