@TBChallengeParticipants - We have extended the final submission deadline by 12 days to **Monday 2/13**. Write-ups are now due on 2/15. We have added a leaderboard round, ending on 2/1. All deadlines are 22:59 GMT. If you have already submitted to the final submission queues, don't worry. You can submit as many times as you need to prior to the deadline. Write-up instructions will be posted tomorrow.

Created by Solveig Sieberts sieberts
@sieberts Thanks. It helps a lot. Sincerely yours, Tsai-Min
@Leo_Lu The leaderboard rounds are strictly voluntary/informational. You do not need to include anything about the leaderboard accuracy in your writeup, just your methods.
@chentsaimin- As with the leaderboard queues, you should receive an email with the status of your submission, as long as you have messages enabled in Synapse. I have also updated the submission dashboard page to include the final submission queues. Let me know if that solves your issue.
@sieberts Thanks for the info, as I submitted the wrong docker for subchallenge 2 in round 5 (I submitted the Subchallenge 1 docker by mistake), I was unable to validate my subchallenge 2 model (failed to submit in the first 4 rounds due to workflow failure) and the final score will not be known until the end of the competition, so I won't know the accuracy of my subchallenge 2 model until then, nor will I be able to clarify its accuracy in the write-up. Is there any chance that I can resubmit subchallenge 2 and get the correct test score before the final submission?
@sieberts Thanks for your notifications, Since the final submission queue is open, how could I know whether my final submission is valid or not? I could not find the submission dashboard to check for the final submission queue. Sincerely yours, Tsai-Min
@Leo_Lu - Challenge rankings will be based on submissions to the Final queue. These contain a different hold-out set than the leaderboard set. We have already extended the challenge by 12 days and added a leaderboard round. There will be no further extensions. You still have more than a week to get your workflow fixed to be scored in the final evaluation set.
The Leaderboard Round 5 have been posted, is the final ranking based on the Final Submission results? Is it possible to add one more round of testing between Round 5 and Final Submission? I was unable to validate my model in the first four rounds because the workflow failed. More rounds of testing will also allow more teams to be prepared to tweak and validate their models. I hope this will be approved, thank you!

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