Hi, I could not find rules on the usage of external data for this competition. If such guidelines exist, can someone point me to them? Otherwise, can someone clarify if external data can be used for training? And if yes, what data can be used and if any disclosure needs to be made about it? Also, I was curious about how would organizers figure out if some team used external data. Will they reproduce the model? Thanks Anmol

Created by anmol-wiai
Yes. As previously stated, it must be described in your challenge write-up.
> You may use external data. Does this include proprietary datasets? Or only open-source datasets?
You may use external data. It should be described or referenced in your challenge write-up. Additionally, if it has an acknowledgement requirement (e.g. obtained from a public source) please include the reference and/or acknowledgement statement as a footnote to your writeup.

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