Hi, The [submission tutorial](https://www.synapse.org/#!Synapse:syn31472953/wiki/620031) says that we need to submit a `model.onnx` file. I couldn't figure out how can I do that if I am using an ensemble of models. Can I submit more than one `.onnx` file, one for each model. Or is there an easy way to create a single `.onnx` file for the ensemble model? Apologies if this is a trivial question, I am not very familiar with ONNX. Thanks!

Created by anmol-wiai
Yes, the structure is somewhat complex so I will submit multiple ONNX models for now. Thank you @vjbytes102 for the quick response.
@anmol-wiai you can combined multiple onnx model into single onnx model refer below links, but in case you have complex structure and need to use multiple models in order to make it work that's ohk. But make sure to submit all the onnx file (one for each model) Reference to combine multiple onnx model into one: https://github.com/onnx/onnx/blob/main/docs/PythonAPIOverview.md https://zenn.dev/pinto0309/articles/80f18207a3f1ab
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