Hi everyone. To register for the challenge, one only needs to be a certified user, but to download the data, one should have a certified and validated user account. Around last week it had been the case for the challenge registration as well (certified + validated user account), but the criteria of being validated was lifted last week. Will the same thing happen for data access as well? If not, many participants who registered will not be able to download the data.

Created by Mohammad Joshaghani Hadid
@pauli89 - Feel free to reach out to the Synapse Access and Compliance team (act@synapse.org) regarding any questions or feedback regarding data governance or identity verification.
IMO, government issued IDs are best option for identity verification.
@pauli89 - Per the comments above from Hadid, it looks like that will not work.
@sieberts Would it be possible for you to accept government issued IDs as a substitute for identity attestation document?
Hello @Hadid please note that those templates are not required. The notary and your institution may use their own template. It just must be in English.
@vbarone Thanks for your reply. I did as you suggested with passport, and again got rejected: "Your passport is not an appropriate attestation document". I had also tried a picture ID as well and got rejected again. Do you have any idea how I can pass this step?
You can use a copy of your passport or a picture ID for your identity attestation document. Thank you!
@Hayley.Sanchez can you help Hadid?
@sieberts Thanks for your reply. I have difficulty providing the identity attestation document (I am participating from Germany). There is one template for Notary, and I have asked some Notaries, they said they do not sign this template provided. There is one other template for a signing official, and at my working institute, the HR told me they will not sign this document (I assume they are the only signing officials of the institute?). I was wondering, what other forms of identity are accepted? Is a passport or work contract acceptable?
@Hadid - We changed the way registration and data access were handled to make the registration step easier. However, as you point out, participants will still have to become validated and request access to the data. Ultimately, you still have to go through the validation step to participate in the challenge, so this was merely a change in the process, not a change in the requirements. Sorry if it caused any confusion.

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