Hello everyone, to download the data one needs to have validated profile. I tried doing that by completing the quiz and than on uploading the signed copy but it doesn't works. Can anyone help me out with the same?

Created by Sarvesh Gharat Sarvesh
Hello @Sarvesh, I was unable to find your submission for profile validation. Please complete the following directions in order to have your profile validated. Your account can be accessed on the lower left panel where you should see a green "S". 1. In your Synapse profile, click your name/picture on upper banner of the screen, then select Settings. Use the links in the Profile Validation box to: 2. Confirm your user profile is complete including your full name, current affiliation, and city/country. 3. Link to your ORCID profile. Make sure your profile is public and populate it with at least one piece of information about yourself in addition to your name. 4. Sign and submit the Synapse Pledge. 5. Submit recent identity attestation documentation. This document must be current within the past month. Acceptable forms of documentation, in English, are: a) A letter from a signing official on letterhead attesting to your identity (template here). Note that you cannot serve as your own signing official. OR b) A notarized letter attesting to your identity (template here) OR c) A copy of your professional license (e.g., a photocopy of your medical license). Note that a copy of a work or university identification badge is not an accepted form of identity attestation documentation. You will receive a notification email when your profile has been validated and a badge will appear on your Synapse profile homepage.
@ahsotan @AnnNovakowski can anyone help @Sarvesh ?

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