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Created by Solveig Sieberts sieberts
@V-K - You need to be a Certified User in order to register. Please follow this link to become certified:!Quiz:Certification. Also, be sure to familiarize yourself with this page for the full set of instructions on how to register, access the data and participate:!Synapse:syn31472953/wiki/619719
Hello, I tried to registerto the challenge but I got the error: "you do not have sufficient privileges for access. Accessors must be Synapse Certified Users." (Attached I shared) Any suggestion to solve my problem for registration?
@Leo_Lu- It is fine to use your preferred compute platform, as long as the data remain secure (i.e. not shared with unauthorized individuals).
Is it allowed to uploading data to a personal cloud platform for modelling (e.g. Microsoft)?
@Leo_Lu You will be required to submit Dockerized code to generate predictions on the held out test data. You will not be able to download either the leaderboard or final test sets.
Q1:Will the test set for the competition be available after the leaderboard is opened, or is it already available in the current dataset? Q2:Do I have to go through docker every time I submit a prediction, or do I just need to submit a prediction file like "submission.csv"? Looking forward to your reply, thanks!
@jobieb- Can you clarify what aspect of data collection you mean? Or are you asking about the training/test split? If the latter case, then yes, the training/test split has been performed randomly and checked for imbalances with respect to known covariates.
Is data collection randomized? If not then won't prediction be hugley influenced by confounding factors and selection bias?
You may want to consider moving this up in your messaging and out reach... a thousand patients and 3/4 million coughs is a real eye catcher!
@PeterSmall That info is listed on the [Data page](!Synapse:syn31472953/wiki/619711) under the "Access" header.
Perhaps I missed it, but how many patients and how many coughs are included in this challange? Would be good to have that info front and center...

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