Hello, I've recently requested a synapse token and the request token button changed to "Your request for a Synapse Token will be sent." I've since realized that I have a token from May 2020. The token request page mentions "Please note that the Synapse token expires after 8 months. Contact us on the Discussion forum to reissue a new token". Not sure if I just wait for a new token or need to ask for one to be reissued here, but if the latter is the case, I would like to request a reissued token please. Thank you very much.

Created by Shreejoy Tripathy shreejoy
Hi, sorry for the multiple posts. Just wanted to check if there's been any progress on getting us a reissued token? Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help expedite the process.
I have experienced the same issue: I applied a token on August 22, 2019, but never used it. Right now I would like to apply a new one, but I always see "Your request for a Synapse Token will be sent.", but I never receive it. I have sent an email to dataAccess@synapse.org to request a new token, but nobody reply to me.
Hi @Mette, thanks for your reply. I have not received the token requested on Feb 10 yet. Could I get a reissued token please? Thanks again.
Hi @shreejoy - did you receive the token requested on Feb 10? If yes, I recommend using that in the data access application. If you have not received it let us know and we will reissue it

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