I noticed that some SampleIDs which exist in the file "CMC_MSSM-Penn-Pitt_DLPFC_mRNA_IlluminaHiSeq2500_geneExpressionRawUCSC.tsv", are absent in "CMC_Human_rnaSeq_metadata.csv". I would like to know their Individual_ID. How can I find them? Here are the missing SampleIDs: "MSSM_RNA_PFC_282" "MSSM_RNA_PFC_342" "MSSM_RNA_PFC_353" "MSSM_RNA_PFC_356" "PENN_RNA_PFC_51" "PITT_RNA_BP_PFC_1694" "PITT_RNA_PFC_1263" "PITT_RNA_PFC_781"

Created by Assif Yitzhaky assify
I see, thank you. What could be the reason that only those 8 samples were omitted from the mapping file syn18080588? Is there any problem with those samples?
Hi @assify I am assuming the gene expression matrix you wish to map sample identifiers to is syn3346752 of release 1. Each release has it's own metadata file, since samples are sometimes added release to release as cohorts grow or removed due to updated quality control standards. In your case, I believe you downloaded a metadata file from a more recent release. Please download the metadata file associated with release 1 that is available here: syn3346807. I double checked that all of the samples in the gene expression matrix are present in the metadata file. To be clear, the metadata file includes the mapping from sample to individual.

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