After downloading the ATACseq bam files (syn18134199), I noticed that the file for sample B102T1 (syn17057117) is a .bw file that is 533 MB. I assume this got mixed up with processed BigWig file and appears to be the same as syn17058997. Can you upload the correct bam file for this sample? Thanks.

Created by Steven Chen sxchen
It might sound odd but this sample is, despite its name, entirely valid. Sorry for confussion.
@kelsey In the bam file header (@RG tag), why is the sample name listed as "FAKE_B102T1_DLPFC"? The "FAKE" part is a bit alarming.
Great thank you!
@sxchen The new files have been uploaded. They are syn21560386 and syn21560303.
You are correct syn17057117 and syn17058997 have the same md5 and are BigWig, not Bam. We will alert you once the missing bam has been uploaded

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