Dear Sir or Madam who may concerned, We got a study done by leveraging CMC data and the paper for the study is ready for submission soon. We included the CommonMind Consortium in the authorship and included the following content in the Acknowledgements: For CommonMind, data were generated as part of the CommonMind Consortium supported by funding from Takeda Pharmaceuticals Company Limited, F. HoffmannLa Roche Ltd and NIH grants R01MH085542, R01MH093725, P50MH066392, P50MH080405, R01MH097276, RO1-MH-075916, P50M096891, P50MH084053S1, R37MH057881, AG02219, AG05138, MH06692, R01MH110921, R01MH109677, R01MH109897, U01MH103392, and contract HHSN271201300031C through IRP NIMH. Brain tissue for the study was obtained from the following brain bank collections: the Mount Sinai NIH Brain and Tissue Repository, the University of Pennsylvania Alzheimer?s Disease Core Center, the University of Pittsburgh NeuroBioBank and Brain and Tissue Repositories, and the NIMH Human Brain Collection Core. CMC Leadership: Panos Roussos, Joseph Buxbaum, Andrew Chess, Schahram Akbarian, Vahram Haroutunian (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai), Bernie Devlin, David Lewis (University of Pittsburgh), Raquel Gur, Chang-Gyu Hahn (University of Pennsylvania), Enrico Domenici (University of Trento), Mette A. Peters, Solveig Sieberts (Sage Bionetworks), Thomas Lehner, Geetha Senthil, Stefano Marenco, Barbara K. Lipska (NIMH). Is there anything else we need to do before submission with CMC? Is there a publication policy for CMC data? Should we submit the finished paper to the CommonMind Consortium to review before submission? thanks, Shan

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@zzhao1 we are happy to hear that the data has been useful. There is no need to include the CommonMind Consortium as an author, just the acknowledgement statement as you have it listed. The CommonMind Consortium also does not need to review the manuscript before submission. What we would appreciate is a link to the manuscript once it has been published.

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