Hey, I asked for a token via the PsychENCODE website and received one. As I am compiling the documents to get access to data from CommonMind Consortium, I wanted to ask whether the PsychENCODE token is valid for the CommonMind data as well or I would need to ask for one from the CommonMind separately? Kind regards, Maris

Created by marisalver
The token has been regenerated. It may take up to 24 hours to receive it
Hello, We kindly asked to resend the CommonMind token as it did go into junk mail for professor Dermitzakis and we were not able to retrieve it. Apologize for any inconvenience , Maris
Hey, Thank you very much. I wanted to confirm, whether the token was regenerated for prof. Dermitzakis as well. Maris Alver did receive it.
We have regenerated the tokens
Hey, Unfortunately we still haven't received the tokens via mail.
It may take up to 24 hours to receive it. If you do not have it by then it may have been flagged as spam
Thank you for the info. I cannot request the token as it says "Your request for a Synapse Token will be sent." (the same for my supervisor prof. Dermitzakis) and we have not received either. How should we proceed? Thank you and kind regards, Maris
They are 2 separate applications. You will therefore need a CMC specific key

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