Hi, I noticed from the discussion that the option "Allow Synapse to send me email notifications" should be checked before clicking the request button. But I had sent the request before I noticed that. Does it mean I would lost the token mail forever? Or may I just request for a new one here? Thanks!

Created by chiangtw
@dwerling your access has been removed from both. It may take up to 24hrs before you can request a new token.
@Mette I am the only person who should have access revoked at this time, and my username is @dwerling. Can you please revoke access for my username for CommonMind and for PsychEncode?
@dwerling please post a list of the Synapse usernames that should have access revoked. Once that is done you can request new tokens
I have a related question - I currently have an active token and CMC data access through my previous postdoctoral position, but I have recently started my own lab at a different institution and would like to apply for CMC data access through this new university for myself and my trainees. To do this, can I request to have my current token (and access) revoked, so that my lab and I can all request new tokens and submit a fresh data access application together?
@freeseek a new token has been generated. If you have not received it within 24 hours please check if it was caught by your spam filter
I also requested a Synapse Token and never received any email.
@Mette I have received the token mail! Thanks for your help!
I generated a new token for you. It takes up to 24 hours for the token to be sent. Let me know if you do not receive it within that time

Request for new token page is loading…