Hi, I have a question regarding the FASTQ files from Release 3 for RNAseq. When I downloaded and inspected them, they each had around 1-2 million reads, but the documentation suggests that only samples with >50 million reads were kept. Is there a reason for the discrepancy? Perhaps filtering, downsampling, etc. If so, is there a way to get the original sets of FASTQ files? The synID of the files is syn18134197. Thanks! Kevin

Created by Kevin Hu kevin.hu
I see. I misinterpreted "unmapped" as "not yet mapped" rather than "unable to be mapped". Thank you for the clarification!
The fastq only has the unmapped reads from the alignment. They were provided to supplement the bam files for people who to reconstruct the full fastq
Bump. Does anyone know why the discrepancy above exists? Thanks.

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