Hi, I'm sorry to ask for your help with a problem here. According to the description in the CMC literature(Fromer et al., 2016 Nature Neuroscience), gene-level eQTL (gene expression quantitative trait loci) were derived using the **N = 467 genetically inferred Caucasian samples (209 subjects with SCZ, 206 controls, and 52 AFF cases)** . However, Caucasian samples were extracted according to the conditions, and 477 samples were found. Could you please tell me which sample data(10 redundant samples) need to remove ? I tried to find the explanations, however, it seems there are no interpretations.

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Here is the metadata for the gene expression (syn3346807) and SNP genotyping (syn3346441) from release 1. Link the Individual IDs in the assay metadata file to the clinical data: syn3354385. I hope that helps

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