Hi, I woud like to know the number of subjects from the Release 3.0 dataset that have together RNA and DNA data and some also how many of them correspond to controls, patients with Schz or AFF/BP ? I took a look at the Tissue Colletions and Available Data tab, but this info seems not to be available. Thank you very much. Vānia

Created by Vania
Hey, I would also like to know the number of cases and controls for whom ATAC-seq data is available. I see based on meta-data that ATAC-seq from PFC has been performed for 270 individuals but would like to specify the ratio of cases and controls. Thank you and kind regards, Maris
Almost all the individuals in the summary table [here](https://www.synapse.org/#!Synapse:syn2759792/wiki/194729) have RNAseq from the DLPFC and SNP genotypes.

Where can I check available data before require access to it? page is loading…