New to this. Just read of collection of data in regards to schizophrenia. My son and his paternal uncle have same exact gene of schizophrenia that I found through their DNA. Not all of their genes are an exact but for Sza it is. I think that is valuable only I am not a geneticist to know more or go further. Son hears voices only. Uncle is a raging mess who has never been treated properly. Not sure how this works. I would love to communicate more on the genes o found. Thank you

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Dear @Lk2002. Thank you for your interest in this data resource. Schizophrenia, as you know, is a very complex disorder. The intent of this resource is early, exploratory science. May I suggest that you take a look at the resources the Alzheimer's Association offer that are more directly targeted to families caring for Alzheimer's patients: (look under help and support) Sincerely, Mette

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