Hi I think my token expired for both PsychENCODE and Common Mind. When I clicked on "Request a Token", the button turns to "Your request for a Synapse Token has been sent" but I haven't received any new tokens. Could you please help me get a new token for both PsychENCODE and Common Mind?

Created by Seyoung Kim sssykim2
Hi @rshill sorry for the slow reply to this. Is this still an issue?
When requesting a commonmind token I get the message "You have been approved to access the CommonMind data" which might be because I previously had access to the common mind data, but that access has expired and I need to reapply. Should I use my old token or do I need a new one?
The token was just resent to you. Let me know if you receive it
I changed the setting following your instruction. But, I still see "Your request for a Synapse Token has been sent" button instead of "Request a Token".
Please check your profile to make sure that it is set to allow Synapse to send email notifications. Click on your name in the upper right -> settings
I checked my spam box but didn't see any emails with new tokens.
The tokens may have been caught by your spam filter. Please check. If you still do not see them let us know
My Synapse id is sssykim.

request for new token page is loading…