There are four normalized gene expression data in syn5609488, and I don't know whether I should choose to include ancestry or not. My question is which expression data you are using in sherlock analysis(syn5585485) or eQTL analysis(syn4622659)?include ancestry or not? Thank you!

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Thank you very much for your reply.
"REQUIRE ANCESTRY" means that the expression is adjusted for SNP-inferred ancestry components, "EXCLUDE ANCESTRY" means that it was not. See [Fromer et al]( for details. For our analysis, we did not pre-adjust for ancestry components (i.e. we used "EXCLUDE ANCESTRY"), but we included them in the eQTL regression model. Again, you can see the manuscript for details.
Sorry, Solly, I didn't clarify my question. I noticed that the sample size was the same in the expression data of 'EXCLUDE ANCESTRY + NoSVA' file and 'REQUIRE ANCESTRY + NoSVA' file, combined with what you mean, **can I understand** that the expression file for adding the ancestor's name refers to adjust for ancestry? And I want to make box-plots for SNPs based on the expression data(syn5609488) and imputed genotype(syn3275221), should I choose to include the expression data set of ancestors('REQUIRE ANCESTRY + NoSVA')? I'm really sorry to bother you again.
If you're doing eQTL analysis, I suspect you'll want to adjust for ancestry in some way, whether you use expression that has been pre-adjusted for ancestry, or include ancestry components directly in your eQTL model. Solly

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