Hello, may I please be issued a new token? We need to update our information and my previous token has expired. Thanks!

Created by T. Grant Belgard grantbelgard
Unclear - we'll contact them without mine and come back if they say I absolutely need a new one.
Does NRGR require a new token for that update?
It says I have been approved. We are just trying to update our record with personnel changes, etc.
If you look here are you able to request a new token, or does the button say "you have been approved to access cmc data": https://www.synapse.org/#!Synapse:syn2759792/wiki/197282
Hi Mette, I've not received the new token and it's also not in the spam folder (or any other folder). Is it possible to send it manually? Thanks!
Hi Grant, I generated a new token. If you do not receive it within ~10min, please check your spam folder. Best Mette

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