We have downloaded the controlled access data for all the eQTL analysis. But it seems the cis-eQL summary results have been filtered. Can you please help me check whether these two datasets (syn5650509 and syn5652278) contain all the cis eQTL and gene test results? I mean including these non-significant eQTLs.

Created by Yang Wu wuyangf7
@Lila_Maciel2024 are you downloading within AWS us-east-1? > Due to unanticipated interest in CommonMind Consortium data during the data migration to the NIMH Data Archive (NDA), egress costs have become unsustainable for our data repository. As a short-term solution, data downloads will be restricted to within-region AWS transfers. This means that data can only be downloaded to the us-east-1 region. (https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/WindowsGuide/using-regions-availability-zones.html) > > For users outside of the us-east-1 region, to download the data, you may consider provisioning an Amazon EC2 instance within the us-east-1 region and performing the download through cloud computing. Instructions for performing this operation are available here: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/ec2/ > > More information, including instructions on how to use the Synapse clients to initiate a transfer within an AWS environment, can be found here: https://www.synapse.org/#!Synapse:syn2759792/wiki/626391.
Hi! I tried to download the dataset **syn5652278** using the command line in the following way: ``` synapse get syn5652278 ``` But I got this: ``` SynapseHTTPError: 403 Client Error: Forbidden AccessDeniedAccess Denied3FK1Y33K01XX8YWNIy7V+f0gYAhey5Y6YGkMKSegQmpogpLl9+d2KxAgmBF6XHow9hGWVKnqBFULiKk8KkMJ2fkio6FZxXzu9NjcMRysvK+3/f6sjQ8OTmRF8Z8= ``` Could you tell me what is the problem? I read that the file is public. I'll be very gratefull for your help :) Kind regards!
Hi, I was wandering if it is possible to apply for the full cis-eQTLs summary statistics. Any application form was needed? Than you for your time.
Also voicing a request for full cis results! Needed for robust comparison to your data. Thanks!
Hi Releasing the full cis results is really appreciated. I did not find the full results yet, whould you mind let me know how I can get access to these files? Many thanks. Best, Ruifeng
Solveig, we are very interested in all the cis-eQTL results. Could you please instruct me in which way we can get access to the full cis-eQTL summary statistics. Or can we submit an application again for full cis-eQTLs if the results are not open?
Yang- We'll look into releasing the full cis results. For trans eQTL, the full results have not been saved due to the extensive storage requirements. I'll notify if/when we can get those results shared. Solly
Thanks, Solveig. I am wondering whether we can apply for all the summary result, if possible. It will be very useful.
Yang- For these files, cis eQTL have been filtered at FDR of 0.2 and trans eQTL have been filtered at p-value 10^-6^.

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