@GENIEDataNotices The GENIE BPC NSCLC 2.0-public release is now available on [Synapse](syn27056697) and the [cBioPortal](https://genie.cbioportal.org/study/summary?id=nsclc_public_genie_bpc). - [Data Guide](syn30557304) - [Variable Synopsis](syn30557312) - [Clinical Data Files](syn30358089) Additional instructions for downloading files from Synapse are available [here](https://www.synapse.org/#!Synapse:syn27056172/wiki/616631). Sincerely, GENIE Biopharma Collaborative

Created by Haley Hunter-Zinck hhz
Hi there. What a powerful and useful resource! Thank you for sharing and formatting in an intuitive and comprehensive fashion. I had heard that breast and ovarian cancer are expected to follow this year. Would you mind sharing the expected ETA for that data release?
Thank you so much. Is there a file that gathers all mutations and CNA as binary?

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