Hi, I was wondering when will Breast Cancer BPC dataset be available? I saw that the expected release was supposed to be in May 2023. Thank you! Zuzana

Created by Zuzana zmohrova
Dear @tomasbabak and @Informatician Thank you for your interest in the GENIE BPC datasets! There have been unexpected delays which have pushed the release of the Breast Cancer BPC public dataset. We are currently working on the release and can expect the Breast dataset to be released in Q3 2024. Best, Alyssa
@chelsea.nayan I have the same question as Tomasbabak but for all future BPC datasets anticipated originally in March 2024 What is the new date of expected release (for all remaining cancers) (e.g.,blader, prostate, pancreas, breast)
Hi there @chelsea.nayan - just following up on this question. Is the breast cancer dataset expected to be released soon? Many thanks!
@zmohrova, The BioPharma Collaborative should have earlier access than the general public. Let me know me if there is anything else I can help you with! Best, Chelsea
Thank you, @chelsea.nayan! Do you know if the collaborative Biopharmas have earlier access or if we should wait for the public release date? Best, Zuzana
Dear @zmohrova, Thank you for your interest in the GENIE BPC datasets! Due to unexpected delays we have to push the public release to March 2024 (estimated). I have updated the release schedule table with the new estimated release date. Let me know if you have any other questions. Best, Chelsea

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