Dear BPC team, I have a question regarding CRC 2.0-public_clinical_data. There are reports of 'Mutation.Count' of pathologic data. Does this mean counting the number of mutations per megabase (Mb) related with tumor mutation burden? I look forward to your reply. Best regards, Gukjin Lee

Created by Gukjin Lee cookjin77
Dear @cookjin77, Can you provide a link to the data file where you find the "mutation count"? Best, Chelsea
Hi? Sorry for replying late. Yes, it is possible to find the data file about 'mutation count'. My specific question is as follows. Does the specific variable labeled as " mutation count" in the AACR Genie BPC CRC v2.0-public data correspond to the traditional TMB definition or if it represent some other type of mutation count? Tumor mutation burden (TMB) is usually defined as the total number of mutations within the coding regions of a tumor's DNA per unit length (e.g., mutations per megabase). As I know, Data sources may use different terminologies and definitions, so it's important to have a clear understanding of how the data is defined and measured in that specific dataset. Thank you
Dear @cookjin77, Thanks for you using the GENIE BPC dataset! Is it possible to clarify the specific data file and variable? Best, Chelsea

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