Hello, today we received an email from @james.costello asking for our write-up submission and we tried to upload the project syn36266006 as a team (write-up, visibility and docker files ready) but we get errors. If we try to submit as a team the system said that there are no contributors. If we try to submit as an individual the system said that we are out of time can you help us to submit our project? thank you in advance!

Created by Carlos Fernandez-Lozano cafernandezlo
@vchung thank you for your time and efforts, much appreciated!
@cafernandezlo , No further action is needed :). Great work!
thank you @vchung!! this means that no work is needed on our side, right?
@cafernandezlo , No worries! Your writeup has been linked to your submissions.
@vchung apologies, it's our fault as we need extra time.
@cafernandezlo, Apologies, the deadline for the writeups was set to end last week. --We will update the deadline shortly so that you can submit to the queue.-- EDIT: I realized that you have shared a link to your writeup in the post! I will go ahead and manually link your writeup (syn36266006) to your final submissions.
thank you Jim!!
Hi, yes, we will work with you on getting this submitted. @vchung or @aarthikr, can you help @cafernandezlo with their write-up. Thanks Jim

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