Hi Team: I got confused with the writeup submission: we already have a project under the team's name, and all docker files (for 2 challenges are saved there). I also added 2 pdfs and 2 wiki subpages to this project. But when we submit the write-up, we need to choose sth under the project, so it's gonna to be a pdf file. Do you know how to submit the writeup as a project instead of a file ? ty!

Created by Zijing Wang ZZZJW
@ZZZJW , Yes, that's exactly it :)
Oh! I c your point~ Clicking the project name will bring me to all files under the project so I have to pick one. However, we can directly select the whole project by clicking the icon before the project name. It seems works! Thank you so much for your help!
@ZZZJW , You can just submit the team project! One more thing - make sure you update the team project's settings to be publicly accessible. You can do that by clicking on **Project Settings** > **Project Sharing Settings** > **Make Public**.
Hi vhung! I can see the image now! We already have a team project (shared with me) and do you mean to create a sub-project under the team project? Then put the pdf file under that new created project? TY!
Hi @ZZZJW , Great question! To submit a Project (or a Folder), you will want to click anywhere on the row in the main pane EXCEPT for the name (which acts as a link to list its children entities, much like what you are currently describing). For example, if I wanted to submit **Sample Writeup**, I would first update the **Browse** dropdown to "Projects Created by Me", so that I could more easily find my own projects. I would then click on "Projects" in the left pane, which would list all of the projects in the main pane. Finally, I would click on the row for **Sample Writeup** which will then select it for submission: ${imageLink?synapseId=syn37263136&align=None&scale=100&responsive=true&altText=} Let me know if you have any questions!

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