Dear moderators, we generated a xgboost model file with our fit_model.R script, however, we never succeed in reading out this file via run_model.R already for the fast lane, although we tried many different ways to tackle this problem,. Do you have an idea what could be the reason for this behavior? (E.g., our current Docker image "v5" should work, at least in theory :)) Many thanks!

Created by Eva Brombacher eva.brombacher
Hi, many thanks for your prompt reply. I did get it to work locally, but, indeed, unfortunatelly, it was after the deadline. Best wishes
Hi Eva, were you able to get the model to run locally and the issue is synapse? If that is the case and you made a submission before the deadline, we can help you debug still, but if it is on you side and the implementation is not working, then we can unfortunately not accept a submission. Your question sounds more general and that you just could not get xgboost to work. I dont have any insight in why that might be. Maybe others have implemented xgboost and could comment.

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