Dear Admins, We have submitted six jobs (3 in each challenge) before the deadline and encountered some strange behavior with them - 5 (9726224, 9726204, 9726228, 9726215, 9726210) failed with the status ERROR_ENCOUNTERED_DURIN... (I couldn't expand the column to read the full text), and the ones that ran first took significantly longer to execute (around 3.5 hours) than previous attempts have taken (around 1.5-1.75 hours) while one submission (9726202) did not even execute initially and only now seems to be executing. We would greatly appreciate your aid with the matter of these submissions to understand where the problem lies. Thanks in advance, - Guy

Created by guyshur
Thank you very much! We appreciate your continued support. Best regards, Guy
@guyshur , @efratmuller, and team -- Apologies for the delayed response! Due to the large influx of submissions on Friday, 5 out of your six submissions did not complete as expected (with the exception of submission ID 9726210, which encountered an error during the container run). I started rerunning those 5 submissions, one by one, thus explaining submission ID 9726202 and its delayed execution. Submission ID 9726204 is currently running and your other submissions (IDs 9726224, 9726215, 9726228) will follow after. Thank you for your patience!
Hi Jim! Following up on this (I'm on the same team as @guyshur), did you get a chance to look at these failures? We suspect some of these crashes were due to technical reasons unrelated to our dockers (but of course - we may be wrong). Thanks again, Efrat
Thank you Jim, waiting for a representative to each out. Best, Guy
Hi Guy, if you made submissions before the deadline, we will work with you to get the submission accepted as long as the model is the same and it is just debugging code. Someone from Sage will reach out with more details on your submissions. Kind regards, Jim

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