Dear organisers, Please suggest for the following invalid submission ID (9726400). ------------- Hello gAIa-AU, Your submission (id: 9726400) is invalid, below are the invalid reasons: Found 148 missing participant ID(s): ['K00001', 'K00002', 'K00003', 'K00004', 'K00005', 'K00006', 'K00007', 'K00008', 'K00009', 'K00010', 'K00011', 'K00012', 'K00013', 'K00014', 'K00015', 'K00016', 'K00017', 'K00018', 'K00019', 'K00020', 'K00021', 'K00022', 'K00023', 'K00024', 'K00025', 'K00026', 'K00027', 'K00028', 'K00029', 'K00030', 'K00031', 'K00032', 'K00033', 'K00034', 'K00035', 'K00036', 'K00037', 'K00038', 'K00039', 'K00040', 'K00041', 'K00042', 'K00043', 'K00044', 'K00045', 'K00046'... Sincerely, Challenge Administrator ------------- Thank you. Rintu

Created by Rintu Kutum rABiT
Hi @rABiT , The error suggests that your generated predictions file does not produce some expected participant IDs, for example: K00001. I suggest runing your model locally with the training dataset as the mounted input, and seeing whether you get expected participant IDs, e.g. A00001. Hope this helps!

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