We received the error: "Your submission (id: 9726307) is invalid, below are the invalid reasons:" But the same image was ACCEPTED and VALIDATED in Fast Lane without error. log file error=ERROR:toil.worker:Exiting the worker because of a failed job on host 02420d0d18ee

Created by Milad Norouzi Milad_Norouzi
Thank you
Hi @Milad_Norouzi, Because sequence variants are specific to a study. None will be shared between the training and validation data. Tomiko on behalf of the 'Preterm Birth Prediction - Microbiome DREAM Challenge' team
So why this problem does not exist in fast lane and we see the print of dimension of related data "300 8511" sv = as.data.frame(read.csv(file.path(opt$input, "/sv_counts/sp_sv_long.csv"))) sv = sv[,c(2,3,6)] sv = spread(sv, sv, fract,fill = 0) print(dim(sv)) thank you
@Milad_Norouzi , Submission ID 9726307 received the following error: ``` Error in `spread()`: ! Each row of output must be identified by a unique combination of keys. Keys are shared for 653 rows: * 2811, 2828 * 3103, 3199 ... ... ``` Hope this helps!

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