Hello, I have an odd problem with the Synapse system, my container images are uploading ok but are not visible in project/docker hence I cannot submit them... I have reported this to the Synapse team but they are still investigating. Is it possible to submit some other way?

Created by Miron Kursa mbq
Nope, some story, uploads ok, does not show. Thanks for help anyway!
@mbq , Thank you for sharing -- I also see the missing tag on my end. Do you mind trying to re-push your image again, perhaps using a different image name? e.g. ``` docker.synapse.org/syn36471673/dream-ptb-jdn:v1 ``` ? Hopefully, we can get your submission in!
I have tried this, since I managed to link my images on docker hub with syn36502531. However, the client rejects submission because it doesn't see the tag, exactly as the web version: ``` >>> sbm1=syn.submit(ev_task1,myent,name='Try1',submitterAlias='jdn',dockerTag='preterm_late_final2') Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 1, in File "/home/mbq/.local/lib/python3.10/site-packages/synapseclient/client.py", line 2846, in submit docker_digest = self._get_docker_digest(entity, dockerTag) File "/home/mbq/.local/lib/python3.10/site-packages/synapseclient/client.py", line 2648, in _get_docker_digest raise ValueError("Docker tag {docker_tag} not found. Please specify a " ValueError: Docker tag preterm_late_final2 not found. Please specify a docker tag that exists. 'latest' is used as default. ``` Anyhow, thanks for help, I shouldn't have started so close to the deadline. For future reference, my submission is on docker hub: https://hub.docker.com/repository/docker/mbq77/dream-ptb-jdn with tags preterm_late_final2 for sub1 and preterm_early_final2 for sub2.
@mbq , Unfortunately, I have not yet heard back from the platform team. However, I did think of a way for you to get the Synapse IDs outside of the web UI. Using the [Synapse Python Client](https://python-docs.synapse.org/build/html/index.html), you can get a list of Docker images that are currently in your project. For example, here I am grabbing the Docker images from the Challenge site (syn26133770) and their Synapse IDs: ```python >>> import synapseclient >>> syn = synapseclient.Synapse() >>> syn.login() >>> docker_images = syn.getChildren("syn26133770", includeTypes=["dockerrepo"]) >>> [e.get('id') for e in docker_images] ['syn32294539', 'syn32633347'] ``` You can then use the aforementioned `submit()` and submit your Docker image to the Challenge queues, using the following evaluation IDs: * Task 1: 9614880 * Task 2: 9615049 Sorry again for the troubles! Hope this helps.
Hi @mbq , You are able to submit via the [Python Synapse client](https://python-docs.synapse.org/build/html/index.html#synapseclient.Synapse.submit), however, this will require you to know what the Synapse ID is of the object you want to submit. Seeing that you are not able to see the list of Docker images yet, getting the IDs would not be feasible at the time. I have directly reached out to our platform team to see if this can be resolved ASAP. Sorry for the troubles!

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