Hi, submission 9726222 returns an error, but there is no log file in the folder. Could you help, please?

Created by Tol Sorokin lptolik
Thank you, The E-mail came later than I wrote the post. I've fixed everything and resubmitted it. Cheers, Anatoly
Hi @lptolik, Submission ID 9726222 generated a predictions file that was incorrectly formatted. This validation error should have been returned in the emai - apologies if you did not receive it! (We recommend checking the spam folder, just in case) In particular, the validation error is: ``` Invalid column names and/or types: Usecols do not match columns, columns expected but not found: ['participant']. Expecting: {'participant': , 'was_preterm': , 'probability': }. ``` It's a minor thing, as your model produces `participant_id` instead of `participant`. See [here](https://www.synapse.org/#!Synapse:syn26133770/wiki/618028) for more information on the expected format (under "Output files").\ Hope this helps!

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