According to a post in this discussion board, it says the following, """ The submission deadline for both tasks have been extended to **Friday, September 16th (16:59 Pacific Time)! **Writeup submissions will also be shifted, and are now due Friday, September 23rd. Feel free to reply to this thread for any questions and/or clarifications that you may have. We look forward to your submissions! """ However, the email says, """ Dear Preterm Birth DREAM Challenge Participants, This is a friendly reminder to make your submissions before Sept 16 (this friday). Please allow yourself enough time to ensure a successful submission (no errors) as** the submission queue will be closed at 11:59:59 pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) on the 16th.** We will not be extending the deadline. Please note that the method write-up queue is now open and will be accepting your method write-ups through 11:59pm PST on Sept 23. To be considered for the travel award to the RegSys/DREAM Conference (top performers) and authorship on the overview manuscript, your team must supply a method write-up that sufficiently describes your method that allows a reader to reproduce your approach. Thank you for your participation and as usual, please post questions/thoughts to the Discussion Forum. If you are having submission issues, please post your issue to the forum, we are actively monitoring and will address as soon as we can. Kind Regards, Preterm Birth DREAM Challenge Organizers """ So which is the real time for the submission queue to be closed? Why are the announcments made by the email and posted in this board are different? Please confirm. Thanks!

Created by Mogan Gim mavenhyun
Sorry for the confusion. We will allow teams to submit up through 11:59:59pm PST today (Sept 16).

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