Dear Organizers, One of our team members (team IBB_UT, member MS_Vafa) has two submissions as an individual participant. Is it possible to merge those submissions with our team submissions? Also, we accidentally submitted the same docker image twice (you can see that the two submissions are tied with the "Preterm Birth - Vaginal Microbiome Organizers" submission in task 1). Is it possible to remove those two submissions or count them as one? Thanks, Alireza

Created by Alireza Fotuhi Siahpirani a.fotuhi
Hello, Thank you so much for understanding the rules! I have invalidated the two submissions so your team is welcome to re-submit now! Hope this helps! Good luck with your submissions. Thanks Aarthi
Thank you. That would be great. We should be able to resubmit that image from the team. If for some reason we couldn't resubmit that specific image, we will use 4 submissions instead 5 so we won't go over our quota. Thanks, Alireza
Dear @a.fotuhi and team, I have confirmed that @MS_Vafa's two submissions (IDs 9725566 and 9725702) are the same Docker image. Unfortunately, submissions are immutable, so we will not be able to merge their submissions under a different user or team. What we can do is remove both of their individual submissions and have your team re-submit `` so that it still counts as one towards your 5-limit quota. This will ensure that things are kept fair to all other participants. If you agree with this approach, I will go ahead and invalidate their submissions.

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